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Ice Cream  4
Vanilla, red bean or Green Tea

Tempura Ice Cream  6
Vanilla, red bean or green tea.

FBI  6
Fried Banana & Ice Cream

Fried Cheesecake  6

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Exotic Bomba  6
Mango, passion fruit and rasberry sorbetto, all covered in white chocolate and drizzled with chocolate.

Chocolate Bomba  6

Coppa Caffe  6
Fior-di-latte gelato with a rich coffee and pure cocoa swirl, presented in a dessert glass cup.

Tiramisu Cup  6
Coffee and zabaione cream on a layer of sponge cake, soaked in espresso dusted with cocoa powder.

Coppa Pina Colada  6
Chunks of pineapple topped w. layers of coconut gelato and sprinkled with chocolate chips, presented in a dessert glass cup.